God bless Ogun East, Ogun State, Green Party of Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.


Why I am Running for Senate

In line with the Not too young to Run Campaign which has reduced the age limit for running for elected office in Nigeria which is aimed at promoting youth participation in Political Process I Armstrong ‘Tope Akintunde have deemed it fit to serve my people under the party of Green Party of Nigeria for Ogun East Senatorial District come 2019.

I believe the Legislature is the Bedrock of Democracy and provides an untapped opportunity irrespective of age to make a positive difference through people-centric legislation and effective oversight of the Executive arm of government which will engender the rule of law, prosperity, equity, justice, progress, peace and true national unity.

But the enterprising, vibrant, intelligent, resourceful and good-natured people of Ogun East Senatorial District. Consequently, by God’s Grace, I am presenting myself to my people in Ogun East Senatorial District for election into the Senate in 2019.

My campaign will be based on issues with emphasis on economic development, empowerment of the people through education and economic opportunities, accountability and integrity in governance (zero-tolerance for corruption). We need a New Way of Politics in Ogun State and Nigeria. Sitting in the shadows and lamenting from the flanks will not bring the change we all yearn for.
Most people worry about people they perceive as “good” going into politics because of the lure of money. And indeed, many have fallen and joined the plunderers of our nation. By God’s Grace. This for me is about service; selfless service unto God and the people of Ogun East. At a time where the country is clamoring for young and vibrant leaders and the need for free, fair and credible election in viable means of selecting outstanding youth candidate void of god-fatherism influence, it is no surprise that Armstrong has decided to run.
ARMSTRONG ‘TOPE AKINTUNDE intends to run for the senate under the platform of the youth party, Green Party of Nigeria (GPN) after carefully considering the ideologies and mode of operation of the party which is the same with my vision and mission statement for the benefit of all youths and the general populace.

I strongly advise technocrats and youths who dream of better nation to actively join the political platform. I promise to ensure our lost glory is fought for and redeemed. I shall ensure good governance is provided in realizing the nation we desire.

And there is Grace for this race.
It will be well with the great people of Ogun state.
Omo Ogun Ise Ya!