God bless Ogun East, Ogun State, Green Party of Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.

About Green Party of Nigeria

Nigeria’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises are faced with many challenges which have stunted their growth and development. Some of these challenges are poor infrastructural facilities, inadequate funding and lack of access to capital, weak managerial and entrepreneurial skills, limited demand for their products and services, and competition from foreign products. Among these challenges, the most restricting is the inadequacy of funds and lack of access to capital. Indeed, most of the other problems could easily be resolved with sufficient finance.

Green Party of Nigeria is poised to making sure we turn thing around with making sure good bills are passed positioning our Man, your Man Armstrong ‘Tope Akintunde.

Our financial institutions typically wait for entrepreneurs to become successful before they take any serious interest in their businesses. However creative and innovative they are, these entrepreneurs often cannot meet the strict credit risk acceptance criteria of banks.

This is the beginning a New Righteous Order in Nigeria’s Polity. With humility, and by God’s Grace, I arise to build a nation which shall become the Pride of Africa. A new vista has opened and our posterity can be different. We can bequeath a great destiny to our children. We can ensure that it will be well for Ogun East in particular and Nigeria in general.